About Taylor Collins: Big Break Golf Winner

The Makings of a Successful Female Pro Golfer Career

Taylor Collins has had a golf club in her hand since she was a baby. In fact, she jokes about learning how to walk by leaning on a golf club.

Growing up, Taylor enjoyed playing every sport you could name, but one particular sport held – and still holds – a special place in her heart; golf. Utilizing her natural, athletic swing, Taylor and her father would find fun ways to practice while she was growing up.

“I remember him paddling out in a canoe on the lake, and I would be in the backyard on an Astroturf mat. He would hold up a baseball glove and I would try to hit shots into the glove. As a kid I always thought that was the most fun part of the day.”

Taylor learned at a young age to have fun with the sport which has contributed to her becoming so successful with her golfing career. Her father was always an avid golfer and started working with Hall of Fame golfer Bob Toski when Taylor was young. She was soon introduced to him and would go to the range and watch Toski in action.

“I would go off to the side and imitate him, that’s where I really learned all about golf.”TaylorCollinsSwingSmall

As the only swing coach Taylor has ever worked with, she appreciated learning “old school” golf at a young age. To this day, she takes lessons with Toski, and during lunch he tells her old time stories that make her appreciate the sport even more. Toski always tells her, “I am going to make you your own best teacher.”

Taylor’s passion combined with working with Toski since she was a child has earned her a number of successes throughout her golfing career including;

  • Five-time winner in college while attending Nova Southeastern University
  • Individual medalist at the 2011 NCAA Division II National Championship
  • Member of three-time Division II National Championship team in college
  • Big Break Mexico Champion
  • Competing full-time on the Symetra Tour

You can learn more about Taylor’s current career stats by clicking here.

Off the green, Taylor is an energetic 24 year old that enjoys being outdoors and focusing on fitness and nutrition.

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