April 2, 2014

Taylor Collins: Big Break Mexico

Taylor Collins, one of the leading professional female athletes continues to follow her dream of becoming the best female golfer in the world. Her natural, athletic swing eventually led to Taylor becoming a five-time winner while attending Nova Southeastern University, and eventually became the Champion of the Big Break Mexico. At just 24 years old, Taylor Collins has an impressive list of career statistics. Continue reading the article below to view the video of Taylor conquering the 50 Yard Shot during the Big Break Academy.  If you’re interested in sponsoring Taylor Collins, click here.

Big Break Mexico—A Golf Channel Original Series

Source: GolfChannel.com

Six men and six women will fight it out for a chance to play a professional tour event. But this season, we’ve added a new twist. The competitors will start as teammates, then ultimately become rivals as they fight to win the competition. See who can divide and conquer, each week, only on Golf Channel. Taking place at IBEROSTAR Playa Paraiso Golf and Spa Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. #BigBreak

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