April 2, 2014

5 Exercises That Can Help Improve Your Golf Game

That You Can do Right at Home

Taylor Collins grew up playing every sport imaginable. While golf holds the largest place in her heart, she still enjoys being active in many other ways as well. Even if she spends an entire day on the green, she still makes time to work out. Many of her workouts are centered around improving her golf game.

If you are a golfer and looking to step up your game, there are a number of workouts, stretches and training exercises that can help strengthen the muscles needed to improve your swing and increase endurance. Check out these 5 exercises that can help your golf game. The best part? You can do them all right in the comfort of your own home.

1. Hip Crossovers – Having strong abdominals is crucial to being a successful golfer. Hip crossovers involve a rotational movement to help strengthen and stretch your abdominal muscles – particularly your obliques. It also helps stretch the muscles and tendons in the hips and lower back to keep your golf swing from being too stiff.

2. Wrist Curls – There are so many muscles that are essential to having a strong and effective golf swing. The wrist and forearms are among the most important – yet these muscles are often overlooked by many athletes. Wrist curls are a great exercise to help keep your wrists and forearms strong.

3. Planks – With any sport, including golf, having a strong core is vital. There are numerous variations of planks and plank exercises that enable you to target different parts of your core. You can do static plank holds for strength, or do dynamic movements within your plank to include some cardio and endurance training. Here are a few examples of plank exercises:

• Elbow planks
• Plank jacks
• Two-point planks
• Side plank
• Reverse plank

4. Lateral Squats – One of the keys to having a good golf swing is having strong legs. Lateral squats stretch and strengthen the glutes, hip adductors, groin, hamstrings and quads. This exercise is great for allowing your golf swing to be both more fluid and powerful.

5. Core Rotation with a Stability Ball – A stability ball can be a great tool for building strength, endurance and flexibility; all important qualities a golfer needs. This exercise targets a number of muscles including your glutes, obliques, triceps and hamstrings. Add a light dumbbell or weighted medicine ball to this exercise as you start to build strength.

As with any physical activity, be sure to check with a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to participate.

Want to know how Taylor stays in shape? Check back frequently to discover what Taylor’s favorite workouts are, get recipes for her favorite power foods and learn more about the life of a female pro golfer when she’s off the green.